The CONTINUUM is a network of small fleets that are preparing for the release of Star Trek Online. Our goal is to share information, enhance recruitment, and assist each other after launch.
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PostSubject: Introduction   Fri Nov 28, 2008 7:17 am

About Me:

I was fortunate enough to see many of the live airings of Star Trek: The Original Series ( along with the live airing of the moon landing ). We only had 3 channels back then so when the show was put into reruns I was able to watch, and re-watch every episode; and I even kept a journal of each episode title to ensure that I never missed one. "Mirror, Mirror" stands out today as my favorite back then.

Of course, in 1977 I was in middle-school and the box-office hit "Star Wars" was released. I was infatuated by the special effects, the robots they called Droids, and the entire premise of the movie; but my mind was expanding and I was reading books like "Logan's Run" and "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: White Gold Wielder", and 'Star Wars' just fell into one of those other pigeon-holes.

SciFi had become pop-culture, but Star Trek was my original inspiration and I began to understand Gene Roddenberry's vision more clearly. While George Lucas was focused on fantasy in a far-away galaxy a long time ago, Gene was trying to show us what we, as the human race, could become. His vision of the universe still included antagonists, but he demonstrated and displayed how we as a people could peacefully negotiate and interact with such threats. I believe this short-lived original series could eventually be written into a Code of Conduct for our species, if we ever manage to resolve our personal differences and work together as One, to go where no man has gone before.

After highschool and university, we got "Star Trek: The Next Generation" It was fascinating, from beginning to end and is my favorite series. I even joined the text-based RPG "A Call To Duty" where we all joined together in a chatroom and played out our own Trek-based scenarios, received promotions, and eventually became captains as our experience progressed. The final episode of TNG, "All Good Things...", was the climax of the series and IMO it was better than almost any feature film I have ever seen. (I love Q) .

I thoroughly enjoyed the Voyager and Enterprise series, as well; and when I lived in Las Vegas I was fortunate enough to enjoy "Star Trek: The Experience" at the Las Vegas Hilton on a number of occasions. I highly recommend this experience to ALL true Trek fans. It has a couple of simulator rides that will blow your socks off, but the Timeline Museum and Quark's Bar, before and after the ride, are worth way more than the price of admission.


Suffice it to say, when this game is released I will be dedicating most of my free time to it. I have led guilds in Everquest, World of WarCraft, and most recently Requiem:Bloodymare. Most of my current guild is happy with the blood 'n' guts style of recent games and show little interest in a Star Trek based mmorpg so I am trying to find players that want a ground-floor position in a fleet that are willing to take officer responsibilities in order to have us ship-shape before launch.

I am centered in Hawaii, however I want to welcome recruits from the US, Canada, and Australia; as well as anyone else from around the world that would like to participate. I know that some people work during odd hours and need a place where they can also find others that are online at the same time. This is our goal. Our only restriction is that English is required on our forums and in-game chat.. If you are interested in learning more, please take a moment to register. All it takes is a verification email address and I can promise you no spam even if decide not to join.

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