The CONTINUUM is a network of small fleets that are preparing for the release of Star Trek Online. Our goal is to share information, enhance recruitment, and assist each other after launch.
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 Application for Silvermist

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PostSubject: Application for Silvermist   Sat Feb 14, 2009 1:22 am

Greetings. I am Silvermist, and I plan on playing this game, which will likely be released when I am old enough to get a job here. Do not let my age of 15 deceive you, I am excellent at hiding the many weird things about me, unless you poke me a bunch, as well as reserving my replies if I become angry, so that I can reply when I am calm.

Intended Character Name: Ryu Xzen ((Altair, literally, 'Radiant Dragon'))

Intended Player Class, Race, Field of Study: Custom race, named Altair, will be a reptilian humanoid, but unlike many, will actually be quite a calm race, calm enough to cooperate with the federation at least. More details to come.

Favorite Star Trek series/character/movie/episode: I particularly like Captain Picard, having never seen much of TOS myself.

Previous gaming experience: Games detected ...Many.

References (if any):

Anything else you'd like to share, thoughts, hopes, views on the upcoming game: Yay on allowing new races to be made.
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Fleet Admiral

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PostSubject: Re: Application for Silvermist   Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:25 am

Welcome Aboard!

Thank you for your interest, and Happy Birthday! Feel free to check out the boards and add anything you feel is of interest. We're just getting geared up, but still a bit early in the process. I mostly just try to keep on top of the most recent news, and still looking for ways to to get that early Beta ticket.

Glad to have ya
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Application for Silvermist
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